Prayer Requests

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, and the community is here to support you by joining together in faith.


Please, pray for my exit and entrance from the country. Also for God to reveal to me the way and the path to pursue my dreams and finally, for health and protection for my family and for myself.

God s will

To make Christ happy. To forgive the sins of the world and our personal sins. Reparation for the sins committed for consecrated people around the world. God have mercy change our hearts.Amen

financial growth and stability for my business

I have recently encountered some financial difficulties due to fraud, an investment that has not produced good results yet, and underestimated expenses for a new building. All factors have created a critical financial demand which needs to be calmed down so that the business goes back to stable growth without expensive loans. Thank you!

I feel like I have no direction or purpose anymore in my life.

I feel lonely, no energy, no direction on what to do at this point of my life. I am a Christian, I pray everyday. I believe in God, Jesus my Savior, and the Holy Spirit, I have a part time job, but am offered another job, starting in August 16th. I am off for the summer with both these jobs. I work to pay my bills, I don;t make enough on my fixed income. I also work to have interaction with co-workers and the children at the schools that I work at. I need prayers for contentment, and to know what job I should take in August. I don't like being by myself.. Im not married, and don't have anyone my life. I have a son, but, he is married, and thats his deal. I come last.. My family isn't close to each other, so there isn't any connection there. I need help.. Thank you

Heal Danielle Nino from Cancer and her Dad from Hemmoriod problems.

Just heal the people i love and make theirs life's easier. They are David Loescher, Barbara Thibodeau, Debbie Cormier, Denise Porier, Jacob Loescher, Walter Nino, Hilda Nino. Danielle Nino, Sis Richard, David Carpenter, Alex Breslin and Terri and Steve.


Lord please pray that my niece Amanda finds the perfect apartment here in Florida so she doesn't have to leave to Texas.

uncontrolled anger

I am saved & i gave the bird to my neighbor and her girlfriend & to top it off i am 70. I need to ask for forgiveness. I need help to overcome fear, God to say the right words


Lord Jesus I lift Nyree to you and place her in your mighty hands, Lord heal her mind, physical, and mentally, heal her emotion and grant her peace and joy, Lord Jesus please provide the right counselor and Psychiatrist. and cause her to want to go. Lord please deliver her completely of all addictions . In Jesus name Amen


I was just diagnosed with anal cancer, Please pray for strength and healing


Please Pray that the pain in my mouth will be healed .. I have been asking for healing from Jesus to heal and touch what is causing me pain . I Pray He hears my cries for help and healing.. I know He loves me.. not sure why He has not touched me with His healing touch. Maybe it's not His Will to heal me... and honestly that would hurt more that the pain I'm in... I'm not sure why. he is not hearing me. I asked Him to please forgive me of all my sins. I just don't understand why He does not want to touch my pain... Maybe if you ask, he will hear your Prayers for me... Thank you.

Deliverance and past guilt

I ask for prayer for deliverance for things that still have me sinnning i also ask for prayer in my business it’s failing because of past mistakes most of all I just need peace and grace and mercy and compassion from god and restoration to be a part of my kids life Thank u

Financial miracle

Pray for my son & his family. They are going through a storm right now their vehicle broke down the bank denied them for a loan for repairs lights are turned off. They need God to give them strength & wisdom!🙏


I am requesting prayer to recieve , earn thousands of usd dollars daily and do and keep all of my work and do cashouts to all and large ones and keep all and enjpy and to wealth now and forever and my son also! T never get raped, do thouysands oif instants daily and app k and all installatyion and with pay and own a castles noew and home ownership and eat fresh clean Papa Johns pizza and vegan and get anpther trader joes bag and food and beverages always and all of the food and goods and Ms. Hw America Univ. ect.! My son and I live forever and be safe and clean rich and the happest very very happy and have justice, ygness , love and peace forever! My son and I stay free forever andnd always, I go to my hot, and do my plans ect, all my req be grtd.

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