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Our community is here to support you by joining together in faith. Submit your prayer request below and let us help by allowing our local community to assist and support you using the power of prayer, love, and togetherness.

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Learning to Listen: Developing Good Habits for Hearing from God

God does not only speak to us through the Word. He also speaks to us through our thoughts and intuition. And learning how to listen to God will make you holier, wiser, and more confident. Here are some tips that will help you discern God’s voice. Develop these habits now to hear from God! Recognize […]

Networking for the Purpose of Strengthening Your Faith

When people create a space to share their faith, they produce a deep appreciation for unity given by God. It promotes creativity, peace, and celebration. Learn the benefits of networking for strengthening your faith and how to do it. We’ll cover how this practice will keep you inspired and accountable while responding to God’s call.  […]

Discovering True Confidence Through Humility

Is it possible to be confident without being proud and self-centered? Yes, it is. Being secure with oneself should come out of our desire for salvation. These ten habits will help you increase your self-confidence while remaining humble.  Don’t Judge Other People Often, judgmental people judge not only other people but also themselves. Criticizing fellow […]

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