prayers please

Please pray that I would be able to free myself from a relationship that is causing me pain. But despite how unhealthy this connection is, I can't seem to get out of it. I am worried that something bad will happen to me. I just have nothing left.

help me find the right thing to do

Please pray that I will be able to forgive myself for something I did in the past that I now deeply regret. Please pray that God guides me in the correct direction and helps me find peace.

My marriage needs help

Please pray that there will be healing in my marriage. Please pray that my husband's heart would be softened toward God and toward me. We have been together for 17 years, and he's been distant for the past two. I'm praying that he will come back to me.

prayers for prosperity

Please say a prayer that I am granted a visa so that I can travel abroad. My family needs a new source of income, and this will definitely help us. Hoping this year will be the year of prosperity for my family.

pray for us

Pray that my partner and I will soon welcome our first child together. I health problems, therefore getting pregnant will be challenging for me.

Praying for healing

I've been dealing with depression and anxiety for the past couple of years. I'm praying this year will be the year of healing for me, and everyone else in the same situation.

prayer request

good morning, Iam Daniel Chandra from Fiji Islands. Please request if you can do spiritual warfare for me, Iam hearing voices from outside when nobody is there, and they also give me body pains. One thing iam sure they are actually my enemies, evil/satanic spirits and they are blocking my progress. I don’t know if they are my ancestral spirits or is generational curses, or witchcraft or somebody has prayed over me by use of hindu temples or goliath spirits, however, they are evil in nature, they give me physical pains and day as well as in night they give me bad dreams, and Iam always in lack and poverty of finances with huge debt, there is no prosperity in my finances, also please request if spiritual warfare can be conducted to remove any evil/satanic/demonic spirits/monitoring spirits on me, iam a born again Christian and has from long time accepted Lord as my saviour, thank you.

Praying for good health

I have been sick for the past few days, please help me pray that it won't last any longer.

New Year Prayers

As the year ends tonight, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who has helped me pray for all my intentions the past week. I have been a frequent reader of your blogs, as well as your prayer requests in hopes I can help pray for others too. Thank you, and may you continue to help people like me.

prayers pls

I'm struggling mentally for the past year. Life has been difficult. And I have a hard time dealing with it. Please pray for my health and intentions.

My wife needs your prayers

My wife is pregnant, and it is a very difficult pregnancy for her. We are doing everything we can, the doctors too. But we need all the prayers we can get. Please help us.


Please forgive our transgressions and show kindness to both us and our dogs.

healing for my family

Our family recently suffered a big loss. We're all scattered and broken right now -- all dealing with it in our own ways. Please help me pray for my whole family and that everybody heals.

all your prayers will be appreciated

please pray for my daughter who will be giving birth this week. pray that she and her baby be safe.

pray for my husband

My husband works in law enforcement, and I can feel the stress and the weight of his job stressing him on a daily basis. I try my best to ease his burden daily, but I know he is tired even when he doesn't complain or say anything. Please pray for him and all the good men who work in law enforcement to protect and serve their communities.

Really need a lifeline

Your prayers are my lifeline. I was just let go of the job I had for more than 13 years. For the first time in my life I don't know what to do. Please pray for me.

The right decisions

please pray that I make the right decisions with my life. i feel that i am at a crossroads and im afraid to make the wrong decision

Requesting prayers for my neighbors

My neighbors are nice people. I feel for them as their daughter ran away with a young man and has never returned since. Please pray for their peace of mind and that their daughter return their communication

Please help

I have seen so much suffering and despair in my line of work that I'm now struggling to see the good in the world. I keep praying everyday that things will change. I keep praying that the Lord may see these suffering and help. Please help me pray for the people who suffer.

may God guide me

I'm taking a big leap of faith and decided to switch careers. This will be a completely different experience for me. And I'm humbly asking for your prayers that God guide me.

Praying for my pet

Please pray for my cat, Georgie who's been missing for a day. Pray that we find him, and he can return home. Thank you.

Prayers for celebration

My youngest brother just graduated from college today - the first one in our family to graduate college! I couldn't be more proud. Please pray for his journey moving forward. Pray that God gives him strength and resilience as he ventures into a whole new world.

My wife left me

My wife left me for another man she met at work. I'm having a hard time understanding if this is God's plan. I'm having a hard time understanding anything since she left me. I'm so lost, please pray for my wife to come back.

praying for my mom

Pray for my mom's mental stability. Give her the perseverance to get over her loss, loneliness, and emotional anguish.

pls help

I need your help in praying that I will be able to repay all of my debts.

life has been difficult lately

I'm so lost. My husband left me and our 1 year old daughter for another woman. I'm torn between forgiving him, working on our marriage or starting a new and better life for me and my daughter. Please help me pray that God may give me clarity.

trying to remain positive

I just got diagnosed with the big C. Though I'm attempting to remain upbeat, it's not working. We appreciate your prayers.

Praying for grandparent

I'm humbly asking you to please pray for my granddad, Raffy who is currently in the hospital. Your prayers will truly help him with his recovery. I ask that God may reward you for your love and concern


Please pray that I will have the strength and the insight I need to complete my nurse practitioner program.

my business is failing

Our family business who has been open for decades is struggling finanncially. Please pray we go thrugh this

Prayers needed

Hello, I just got off a doctor's appointment, and it wasn't good news. Please pray for my health as I go through this sickness. Please pray I recover.

Pray for my grandmother

My grandmother will be undergoing surgery this week, please pray for a successful surgery for her. Thank you.

Thank you for your prayers

Please say a prayer for me that I am awarded a scholarship. Also, please pray for the wellbeing of my mother and father.

Anxiety has been consuming me

Please help me pray that my anxiety and my worries go away. Your blog posts has been helpful for me, but there are still days where I feel down and I can't function very well. I appreciate your prayers.

Prayer for friendship.

A disagreement happened between my friend and I. Please pray that our friendship will last and that both of our hearts will become more compassionate.

Thank you, thank you

Thank you to everyone who helped me pray when I previously submitted a prayer request. Your prayers worked. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pray for Marjie Short

She is in Is Script La Jolla hospital with a brain bleed. She is currently stable but in serious condition. They are planning on put a stint in tomorrow. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the doctors and for Jehovah Rapha to bring healing in Jesus's name. Amen and Amen!

I'm struggling

I ask that you pray for me because I am having financial difficulties.

Pray for me and my family

Please pray for my daughter Michelle who is seriously afflicted with mental illness. I pray for her recovery and for the courage and strength for my family to help her see the light.

prayers for everyone

Please offer up prayers for the mental health of me, my son, my grandsons, their mother, their stepfather, my son's fiance, and all the people they are connected to. Pray for all of my intentions.

Going into retirement

As I transition to retirement from my job, please pray for my endurance, fortitude, wisdom, and humor.

pray for my daughter

Please pray for my daughter. May God guide her and grant her the miracle of sobriety from substance abuse.

God please give me a sign

i am unsure of what i am going to do with my life. please help me pray for a sign from God.

prayers for our community

our local community has been struggling, it feels like the whole city is. please pray for us.

prayers needed for my parents

All I want is to make my parents happy. They have been struggling financially to put me and my siblings through school. I've been working to help them, but I can see they are still struggling. Please pray for them.

i need prayers

I'm having a really hard time balancing my time between work and my family. It's been a struggle I've had over the past few months since I got promoted. Please pray that my family understands the situation, and that I can find more time to spend with them.

relationship prayers

hello, I'm hoping you can help me pray for my relationship. I've been in a long term relationship and lately been feeling like I fell out of love with the person I've been with for nearly half my life. Please help me pray for clarity.

financially struggling

my family has been struggling financially ever since our shop closed down during the pandemic. we haven't been able to recover since. Lord, guide our family as we go through this difficult period in our life. i know you have a bigger plan, and i put my faith in you.


I'm new to this city and this country. My family migrated this month, and I'm praying for guidance on this new journey we are about to face. Please pray for me and my family. Amen.

please pray for my family

i love my family and they are my world but sometimes i feel too much pressure from them. please help me pray for them always as i try my best to give them everything they want me to achieve.

Pray for Our Church Project

We Pray & Hope God Provides Our Faithful Church Project Donor's & Sponsor's This Month's. In God's Favor & Manifestation.

prayers for guidance

I'm so lost right now. I just graduated college, and i am not sure what to do with my life. I feel demotivated and everyone around me seems to be moving on with their lives. Please guide me Lord, and please show me the path where I can live a fulfilled yet purposeful life.

Lord have mercy on me

Lord as my finances run dry, I need your favor over my life in my finances. Each day it's getting harder and harder to afford things like gas,food,etc. I don't know who else to turn to but you lord. Lord, I pray that you pour me out a blessing that I will have to make room for. I need you in my life now and forever Lord. I pray that you never take your hands off of me. In the name of Jesus, I pray. AMEN

Prayer 4 every1 of us

Prayer to blanket over the world in Jesus' name for the locals and strangers to inspread the teachings, boil down the mystery into irrefutably easy lessons to them, protect our understanding from the cukture of selfishness to be with Papa God like kids we are in spirit, and affect even prisons, clubs

Prayers for health

I ask that you pray for me. My shoulders are giving me a lot of trouble recently. I have very limited use of my hands.

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your prayers will help

Please pray that I can find a solution to my financial issues.

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Graduation prayers

Please ask God to let me graduate with my friends and for school things to go smoothly.

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my mom needs your prayers

Please say a prayer for my mom. She is currently having chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver. She is suffering. God bless you as you pray for her to recover from this illness.

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Prayers for hurricane Ian victims

Please support and comfort the hurricane Ian victims. Lord, give them perseverance, bravery, and faith in You.

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Prayers please

I need prayer so that I can hear God clearly, especially when faced with challenging circumstances and choices.

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Please Pray For Me

Please say a prayer for me because my terrible psychosis has recently gotten worse. I sincerely appreciate it.

I've accepted my fate, but my family needs your prayers

Please pray for my family to return to church and baptize their children (my grandchildren). Please pray for their health and safety. Lastly, please help me pray so I can pass away peacefully as I battle serious illness.

I'm stuck...

I've always wanted to help people. And I do, in my own little way. But lately I've been feeling stuck in my job, and that I'm not doing enough to help others. Please help me pray for clarity so that I may find my purpose in life.

Pray for my husband and I

Please pray for my husband and me to obtain good jobs that will allow us to fix our financial troubles. Please also pray for both of our health, we have been working tirelessly.

Your prayers will help

I'm having trouble making ends meet. My debts are catching up with me, and I don't have enough money to meet both my family's necessities and my bills. I was unable to catch up on my costs as a result of Covid and the inflation. Please pray for me and my family.

My family needs your prayers

In the presence of God, may you keep our family strong and united in your prayers. Please clear the way for us to be able to have faith and trust in one another.

Lord, please grant me clarity

Praying that the Lord will give me wisdom and strength and get rid of all the bad thoughts in my head. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Praying for a sign

Please help me pray so God can send me signals and help me figure out if my current partner is His chosen partner for me. Lord, please tell me if he's the one. Amen.

I need your prayers

Please pray that I will be able to seek medical attention for the serious health problems I am experiencing. Thank you.

Asking for prayers

I ask that you pray for all people attending seminary, especially for my son. Please pray that God will watch over me and the members of my family and keep us safe.

My Marriage Is Falling Apart

Please pray for our marriage. I know we're both working hard to keep our marriage intact. Keep our hearts and thoughts safe and our marriage faithful. Amen.

Please pray for us

Please pray for our schooling and scholarship opportunities. Please pray for good jobs. Pray for godly spouses and wives, as well as for all our good intentions.

Your prayers would be appreciated

Please pray that the Lord would give me the strength to give up drinking. This is exactly my heart's desire.

My family needs your prayers

I would greatly appreciate it if you would pray for an improvement in my health. Pray for my kids' safety.

Please pray for us

Please pray for my spouse and I to reconcile and our family to be reunited.

Prayers Needed

Please say a prayer for my family. We are facing a really serious circumstance right now. Please pray that we will be able to keep our apartment.

Thank you for your prayers

Thank you for all your prayers for my grandson. He's doing a lot better now and recovering at home. Please pray for his continuous recovery.

Pray for my family

Please pray that my older brother will be successful in his search for a full-time job, and that my younger brother will do well in school and understand science. If you pray, please ask God to heal both my parents and grandparents.

Prayer for love

There is a particular person that I love with every beat of my heart. He assured me that we would be reunited at some point in the future, but as the years go by, this prospect seems to recede farther and further into the distance. Please pray that we will be able to be together.

Pls pray for my dad

A serious accident happened, and my father needed extensive surgery to treat a head damage he sustained. We ask that you pray for a rapid recovery for him.

Understanding God's Bigger Plan

I've been going through a lot of hardship in life...some days I don't even want to think about what tomorrow holds. I've been taking a lot of encouragement with Christian music, it often times uplifts my spirit...but then I get some days where all the negative emotion is hard to shake off. Please pray through peace and understanding God's bigger plan in my life.

Pray for my academics

Please help me pray for achieving academic success, obtaining my degree, completing all of my assigned readings for school, making good grades, writing papers effectively, and learning everything I need to know to acquire my degree. Please pray that I will be successful in repaying my student loans. - Lauria

Pray for Peace in my Relationship

I've been arguing a lot with my girl friend and it's been very discouraging. I thought she was the one, but lately I've been second guessing this. I've been questioning everything and doubting even staying in this's been causing me a lot of sleepless nights. I could use prayer for direction

Need some hope

I've been going through a lot of changes with my job lately, a lot of pressure has been weighing on me lately. I just need some prayers to patience through the transition and also strength to get through the upcoming changes.

Please pray for my family

Please pray for the physical and spiritual well-being of my family members. Please say prayers that my spouse will recover from his pneumonia diagnosis. Pray for a breakthrough in our financial situation. Thank you.

Prayers badly needed

I ask that you pray for the end of my dependence on alcohol and the restoration of health to my body.

Prayer request for grandparents

Please pray for the well-being of all grandparents who are being prevented from seeing their grandchildren.

Need your prayers for my marriage

I ask that you pray for the success of my marriage. Please say a prayer for my spouse. Pray that God would grant us the ability to once again live with one another in love, peace, and harmony, and that we will always be one in Christ.

I'm in a difficult spot, your prayers will really help

As I go through this difficult time in my life, I ask that you pray for me. I ask that you pray that I may be sustained and guided by God while I go through this divorce. I ask that you pray for my children and my husband.