Prayer Requests

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, and the community is here to support you by joining together in faith.

Peace of mind with my iver thinking and depression

I am moving to a new state leaving what I have known for seventy-four years and starting a new chapter in my life ❤️ hoping I made the right decisions and that things will work n out for my highest good

Prayer Request

I would like to request a special prayer for myself. I have been living a life that aligns with the ways of the world for a long time, but now I am slowly trying to align my life with God's word. It's not an easy journey, but I'm doing my best. I'm asking for prayers for my spiritual growth, understanding, and journey. Dear Lord, please help me overcome the many things in this world that have consumed me for so long. You have promised that I can do all things through you who strengthens me. Lastly, I ask for prayer on my heart, that I can not only forgive but fill it with Godly love. Thank you.

Protection and Guidance

Dear Lord thank u for everything. I am here today to ask u for protection and guidance and that the sf 49ers will win the Super Bowl today. Guide qnd protect every player. I also pray for a fair game. Thank u Lord i know that you will bless them. Send them your Holy Spirit and their guardian angels. I asked this in your most Holy Name Jesus Christ. Amen


Rusty is my cat, and he's not feeling well. He's all that I've got, and I just can't afford to let him die. Please pray for him to get well soon. I love him so much.


Please pray for my son, he had mental illness and I am trying to be there for him but I need help getting is thru this

My son needs a job

Mark had major back surgery and hasn't worked in 2 yrs He is feeling better now and desperately needs income after not working foe 2 years

Prayer for healing

I had an MRI recently that revealed i have severely damaged and deterioration of my cervical disc.While doing the MRI by complete accident a tumor with a mass was partially imaged in the left parotid gland of my neck.I have been having numbness in my right hand and occasionally the left..My feet have been to become numb and tingling.I have to have not one but two neurosurgeries in March...I know God is the master physician and my lord and savior and my salvation..."lean not on your own understanding" Thank you all in advance..i know prayer is the answer and Our lord Jesus Christ is the solution..God bless you all, Ms.Amy Gray


On 01/27 my cousin ( who has cerbeal palsy) and I were on our way to see our Grandmother who was not doing well we never made it to see her and she ended up passing that night, we were in a terrible vehicle accident after a juvenile ran a stop all happened so quickly this intersection has claimed several lives and the state needs to do something about this. We both suffered injuries and was transported via ems the hospital. It was a chain reaction accident and now the insurances are battling it out please pray that nationwide his insurance will see that their client who was cited was at fault and for the vehicles involved including mine and that they will cover this loss of my vehicle pray for God's favor and mercy to reign over this situation and mostly praise him that all of us involved are alive today regardless of what happened it was an accident and I am not angry or upset I'm thankful to the divine appt and trusting God is going to bring blessing out of this situation.


I’ve been married for 18 years and my wife is going thru a lot right now . She’s not happy with herself and also her mom just went thru a cancer surgery . So she’s sad and really mad about everything . She told me a week a go that she does not love me the same way . She’s thinking about a divorce . I really want to fight for my marriage . Can u guys pray for my family , please ?


dear prayer partners, GOD bless you and keep you. You are a great inspiration to me. I know GOD hears you and I now call on you. I am being evicted and need to pay past and current bills. Please place my situation before Our LORD when you pray, thank you !!!

Please pray

Please prayer that our sweet 8 month old, Mallie, starts sleeping through the night. It’s been so hard on her mom as she’s waking up every hour and has been since 3 months. Thank you God in Jesus name we pray

My husband

Please pray for my husband Gerald that he is struggling very hard his depression, irritated insomnia and other negative thoughts his mind isn't peaceful. His depression goes away so he can enjoy his life. Please desperately wife request sad

Job for my daughter

Please pray for my daughter Jessica that she will be blessed with the job that she has interviewed for. Make the miracle happen, let her hear from her recruiter soon. Pray that the hiring person find her as a great applicant for the job. Father you are the miracle maker and we thank you in advance for the miracle of this job for her.

Looking for a remote job

Hello, I am looking for a REMOTE suitable job urgently. Need some breakthrough here. I am getting ongoing rejections of my applications. Love to see God opening some right door in this month of February. Please continue to pray for this. I will keep you informed. I appreciate your prayers. Thank you.

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