Prayer Requests

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, and the community is here to support you by joining together in faith.


Please pray that my relative Arty has a successful surgery to repair complications from liver transplant. I pray that this is his last surgery.

Job status and money flow in

Prayers that all mangers and co workers get alone money flows in and I have financial breakthrough so can get bills paid and teeth replaced prayers for my and Tracy relationship Amen

Please prayer

Please pray the Company we work in Reno/Sparks will provide 1 more Older person to take care nice and kind, trustworthy, filled with Holy Spirit for Max and Brendaly in Reno/Sparks. Hebrews 4:16 NKJV

General prayer

I want to cured myself from epilepsy and since I'm also pregnant it could be a high risk for my son. I also pray for to help my family with money issues and also my husband family as well. I want my daughter to come visit me when she has a chance since there a lot of problems with joint custody. I also pray for my brother in law to stop doing drugs and leaving the house so late to focus on his family and his son Ian Amen.

Desperately begging God for a shot at life

Please keep me in your prayers, My name is (Raphael) Jonathan Tan. I'm a Chinese, from Malaysia, born with a rare, severe dry skin disease called Ichthyosis, since birth (1996) now 28 years (2024), covered from head to toe, not one part is spared. Ichthyosis is a rare skin disorder that affects the skin regeneration cycle. My skin metabolism regenerates and change skin cells too quickly, instead of every 28 days like a normal person, I change / shed and regenerates every 1-2 days. The accumulated dead skin cells causes dryness, thickness of the skin layer and blocking moisture from entering and exiting my skin, which disables me to perspire and regulate body temperature correctly because of blocked pores. I'm often inflamed, red and hot on my complexion. Cracks and peelings is my daily. Pain, suffering and embarrassment has never left me since I've been alive, Not even a day of having a normal skin. I'm a 2nd gen Christian. Attends church regularly, sunday schools, youth...etc I've bee

Incarcerated son, Aidan

My son is incarcerated for 2.5 years now and awaiting a competency hearing. He needs spiritual, physical and emotional strength! His family needs strength In supporting him through this. Thank you so much.

Financial disaster

Family seeking prayer and assistance getting the word out to others in the world please by reposting the link below.

Finances, job, debt. Enter Kingdom & overcome

favor for JG pay off all bills [financial independent miracle] deliverance into kingdom additionally including [Maximum Anointing/Love] JG/DJ/GS to begin now with Healing, Regeneration/Rejuvenation from Jesus!


Bradley Bair I'm asking for prayers for my wife Lidia, our kids, and our marriage. She moved out in February, saying she wanted to separate. She got a new house with a guy who's become her boyfriend. We have 3 kids together. 2 of our kids are from 2 different men that she cheated on me with. I took both girls as mine and have raised them. Lidia has taken our girls to live with her and our oldest son lives with me. All 3 of our kids have been expressing signs of depression since Lidia moved out. She doesn't want a divorce but says she can't be with me. I also believe she's not saved. I'm trying my best to trust God and hold on to my faith that he'll fix my marriage, but I've been depressed ever since she left me. I want a miracle so bad. I want Lidia and our girls home. I want her to open her eyes and dump this other guy. I want her to give our marriage another chance. I want her to accept Christ. I want our kids happy again. PLEASE pray for us

Missions reaching out to alcoholics

In our county, so many young men have been affected by alcoholism, drugs and sin. God called me to reach out to them. Am praying for God to bring people to support the mission as it involves feeding them, travelling and clothing them.

Angel calling

Sending prayers for those trapped in sin, remove the temptations of evil hurt towards one another. Abusing others in secrecy with the monster like demon acts towards people, animals, and earth. May they change their actions before they have to speak to gods punishments they need to heed his grace and tell themselves no more. No more need for assaulting and damaging another's health, life, finances, freeeom, joy, citizens rights.

Sale of a car

My husband got pulled off for street racing. He never been in trouble with the law. Regardless am So ashamed of what happened we haven’t told her children are still dealing with the legal aspect of it and I just want that vehicle sold and out of our house. It is taken a long time to get it sold where one month in so we really need prayers to find a buyer to take the vehicle.


I am going through some relationship issues with my partner that is about to break us apart. I recognize that a lot of it, if not all of it, is my own fault. I ask not only for God to help me, by his grace, to turn this around, but also to strengthen this bond between us and help us both grow in this together. Thank you!

We need help

Please pray for my kids God blessed me with to have Alyssa and Alex lafitte and that you please pray we become better at coming together then against each other and that my kids will respect me as their only mom to have had bare them and being single and doing the BEST I can as a mom please. Both kids disrespect me talk back to me and at me and I cry it hurts . Pleaee pray for us


Healing from bump inside of skin on right thigh pray for God to heal it and goes away supernatural and nothing serious is wrong praise God thank you Jesus


Healing from acid reflux also pray for healing for voice and throat acid causing nausea bulimia pray God heals me and voice to heal from the damage acid throwing up caused praise God

Favor of God

God to bless us with money to be able to travel and stay in In luxurious hotels and eat the best and spread the gospel also block our enemies from holding us back speaking curses over us that God won't bless us to travel and blessed thank you Jesus for answering this prayer also for spiritual happiness and God's protection and God to give us wisdom where to travel and stay in Jesus name amen

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