My family needs your prayers

I would greatly appreciate it if you would pray for an improvement in my health. Pray for my kids' safety.

Prayers Needed

Please say a prayer for my family. We are facing a really serious circumstance right now. Please pray that we will be able to keep our apartment.

Thank you for your prayers

Thank you for all your prayers for my grandson. He's doing a lot better now and recovering at home. Please pray for his continuous recovery.

Pray for my family

Please pray that my older brother will be successful in his search for a full-time job, and that my younger brother will do well in school and understand science. If you pray, please ask God to heal both my parents and grandparents.

Prayer for love

There is a particular person that I love with every beat of my heart. He assured me that we would be reunited at some point in the future, but as the years go by, this prospect seems to recede farther and further into the distance. Please pray that we will be able to be together.

Pls pray for my dad

A serious accident happened, and my father needed extensive surgery to treat a head damage he sustained. We ask that you pray for a rapid recovery for him.

Understanding God's Bigger Plan

I've been going through a lot of hardship in life...some days I don't even want to think about what tomorrow holds. I've been taking a lot of encouragement with Christian music, it often times uplifts my spirit...but then I get some days where all the negative emotion is hard to shake off. Please pray through peace and understanding God's bigger plan in my life.

Pray for my academics

Please help me pray for achieving academic success, obtaining my degree, completing all of my assigned readings for school, making good grades, writing papers effectively, and learning everything I need to know to acquire my degree. Please pray that I will be successful in repaying my student loans. - Lauria

Pray for Peace in my Relationship

I've been arguing a lot with my girl friend and it's been very discouraging. I thought she was the one, but lately I've been second guessing this. I've been questioning everything and doubting even staying in this's been causing me a lot of sleepless nights. I could use prayer for direction

Need some hope

I've been going through a lot of changes with my job lately, a lot of pressure has been weighing on me lately. I just need some prayers to patience through the transition and also strength to get through the upcoming changes.

Please pray for my family

Please pray for the physical and spiritual well-being of my family members. Please say prayers that my spouse will recover from his pneumonia diagnosis. Pray for a breakthrough in our financial situation. Thank you.