Prayer Requests

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, and the community is here to support you by joining together in faith.

Had or have terminal cancer need help with a few thing?

I was going 4 months to live about 4 yrs ago. Had stage 4 ovarian cancer and it spread quickly into terminal. I went from death to the point to were I thought God was taking me home something else and I can let you know I don't have any clue of why I'm still here I know I have unfinished business and God and family which extended family included,, I'm just struggling in so many areas in my life , I'm scared I'll fail please pray for answer that I know God has for mei just need for Gods children to get a chance to pray for Holly LeeAnn Hock thank you

A home

Please help us find a way to fix our home or somehow build our credit so we will qualify for a new mobile home to put on our land. The home we in now the floors are fixing to fall thru we have a piece of furniture that 2 of legs have went thru floor, it has water damage so we also have mold all under the floors. Our situation is bad. We make enough money to pay for something if payments are reasonable our credit is so low that the payments aren't reasonable. I had both mine and husbands credit almost 700 until COVID we both missed 10 days work and did not get pd so we had a couple things that was paid late, everything is caught up now but the damage is done, we have no one that can help my husband's family have all passed away and all I have is my son and my mom but she won't help me she won't even put me as authorized user on a credit card so my credit will go up she says she is doing that for my brother I know it's wrong but I've always been 2nd to him so I haven't spoke to her since

Struggling timea

Just need a little extra prayers been out of work off and on due to mental health and physical health issues and trying to stay on my feet with everything and losing but I'm trying and started new job last week. Praying for stability. Amen

Financial, marriage,career,addiction

Pray for me and my husband,family,our final done with addiction, better income get back in church

Home and stability

I just had to move out of an apartment, so I'm really looking f or somewhere to stay. Til I get situated

I'm on disability since 2008 struggling need a break please help

I I haven't asked for a prayer or help in a long time. I'm looking for some financial help my car is in desperate need of many repairs bills are not being paid almost homeless please let the prayer be strong God bless. Thank you very much.

Personal and family

1. My health, aches and pains to vanished in Jesus name 2. My family to grow in the knowledge and Grace of God 3. My profession as and engineer I have all the skills and knowledge but is not paying much 4. Marriage I should find the Godly mate 5.

Need help financially and prayers against evil plans to destroy path

Please pray that god remove satan from my presence and anything I come in contact with and the evil plans to stop my success and hinder my ability to help others to stop allowing him to test me It is too much to bear I need him back no more silence to me I need his voice again .

Patience and guidance

Give me strength for the things I can change and the courage to allow it assist the change needed.

Health and Good Luck and Wealth

I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ lay your hands upon me and heal me from all Diseases and Germs and keep me healthy and rain Good Luck all over me for Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior and I need some help with it all. I also need your blessings upon me Lord. For this time I am in need for your touch,healing and blessings upon me, in Jesus Name, Amen Amen