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Years of Heartbreak
I want to be very much loved by a certain man in my life I am seeing. He refers to me as his lady but doesn't show affection or physical warmth to me anymore. This has been for about a week. We have known each other since 2020. We have done many things together. I am 70 and want to marry again. I have been single since I was 25. I married my first husband at 19. My youngest daughter was killed. My oldest is fine and 48. My man is 67. I live alone and have no brothers or sisters. Both parents dead. I pray for this man's love. I do not want to grow old and lonely. He feels need to lose some weight which is true I am about 200. I am working on this and feel I need estrogen since my hysterectomy in 2002. Please pray with me that he loves me as I love him. I have been rejected many times. I know Jehovah Shammah has counted every tear. If I could only be granted the desires of my heart.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Owings Mills, MD
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