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Need an Abundance of Everything
I’m a single mom. I am facing an eviction in May. I am working, but I’m just not making enough to make ends meet. I have a BS in Psychology, but haven’t been able to find a decent paying job so I continue doing gig work. I need a financial blessing. My mom’s cancer also came back and my youngest son was hospitalized for 5 days. His recovery has been rough, and I haven’t been able to work because I’m taking care of him. This is a lot, so I’m asking for healing for my mom, my son, and myself because I’m getting depressed going through all this. Please pray for me to find a career that I love paying enough money for me to thrive with my family. I’m tired of struggling. Please pray and agree for God to send me help mentally, financially, and physically.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Atlanta, GA, USA
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