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Before my husband and I were married I received a vision from the Lord that caught me totally off guard.  My husband David was a widower and I was a widow.  David, my deceased husband and I worked together and we had not seen each other for 26 years.  I was 66 and David was 58. We reconnected through Facebook.  I was not looking for a husband but shortly after our reconnection I received a vision from the Lord that David and I would be married and have a ministry in Kenya for widows and orphans.  Long story short, after 2 years of going back and forth with the devil doing everything possible to completely destroy our relationship we did get married.  We have an open door for a ministry in Kenya and the Lord has spoken to David also about this although He has not shown him the exact vision I had. I am now 70 and David will soon turn 62.  There is fear and uncertainty on David’s part about going there.  I feel like we are wasting our time every day, knowing what we should be doing and no
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Oklahoma City, OK, USA
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