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union steward violates employees hipp law rights
truly watson is a very poor union steward towards coworkers in the workplace she go for bad cursing discuss employees leave time hours grievance towards other out loud in the workplace union president of memphis tn need to fired her from being a union steward in Holiday city usps and usps need to file a hipp law charge against her for violation employees personally information among other members victims in the usps are violation from truly mgr need to stop discuss any information with truly watson causes she violates employees right out loud on the workplace floor employees are been hurt abused by watson Been a union steward hipp laws are violates by watson she pure wish wash talk about employees like a dog then get in their face and lies on others to win friendship from them watson should have been fired years ago when she were stealing usps packages for David she don't have no shame but laugh about it when he were selling stolen goods FATHER GOD PRAYED FOR HER SHE NOT FIT
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Memphis, TN, USA
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