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Transient/ Sober/ Smart/ but, Useless
I've struggled, with years of being able to prayer by myself before the lord. I've hardships and lost a tons of persons in whom I trust, loved, and needed. I though, am used to being able to manage my belongings correctly as Jesus asks.,, I've nothing, absolutely nothing but been destroyed and robbed by time and effort to continue praying. I've broken rules at my age, impossible for most anyone. I've continually addicted attitudes from my Wants rather than my needs. I've borrowed enough monies to fall below poverty line in upper class/ made deals to suffice the poverty line and lied while completely at lower than even a basic social security check. My income has been the second lowest amount possible in the great freedom related country if the united states'. I'm homeless, not cause I want to be, because that's how I have always been used to living. I've appreciated every single day my blessings of fortune and undivided attention and gifts from complete abandoned support groups. Help!.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Dallas, OR, USA
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