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The U.S. church is in trouble!
The Holy Spirit has prompted me to call believers to prayer over the PERSECUTION that IS coming to every true believer; that we would respond the way Jesus taught us to respond: with LOVE, blessing, and doing good to our ENEMIES instead of returning evil for evil, shooting, bombing, killing, maiming, and destroying. I've seen a lack of faith in this area especially in the U.S.A, where we tend to trust in our own strength and be proud instead of humble, judging instead of giving mercy and grace. My prayer is, "Lord Jesus, help us love as You first loved us! Help us be willing to leave/entrust the many believers' lives to You while we give ourselves to saving the ones who are lost! Help us be more passionate about saving the UNREborn than we are about saving the innocent unborn that are filling heaven, because there's more joy in heaven over one sick sinner who repents than for one hundred aborted babies who don't need to repent. Give us the faith that Stephen the martyr had
Name: Christine
City/State: Buffalo
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