Prayer Request

Please pray for my boys that are dealing with mis justice within the Texas City Police Department. Not only my sons but another 5 co workers. My boys are God fearing children and are being attacked by the devil, it breaks my heart. But they have not or will not give up till justice is served. Please pray for continuous strength to get through this process for them and all them employees that are being unjustly treated at this time. PLEASE! The devil has stolen their joy, causing heartache in their marriages and causing depression. My boys are not perfect but they are not even being reprimanded for a valid reason - only reason is because Captain Johnson is trying to prove points! He is making them stand to eat instead of taking a seat - taking them off the streets where they have always helped people - over clerical errors, they haven't hurt anyone - they haven't caused the public any pain or disrespect. PLEASE THEY NEED STREGTH TO CONTINUE THE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: TEXAS CITY
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