Prayer Request

stop being under the influence of anything other than JESUS,
i been praying about my problem with marijuana and i appear to be getting worse by smoking even more but i continue to pray about it even while under the influence because GOD said in his word to acknowledge him in ALL my ways, not some, ALL! also i get easily frustrated with people always feeling like i have to get them told. i also see shadows which i believe are angels & demons, because some shadows appear black and some appear white,i am also the victim of a curse put on me by my mother-in-law, i actually seen the spell wrote on the paper under a candle and it read as follows , please holy spirit let james mcqeen get 29 years & let sonya mcqueen (my wife) leave him, i now have a 20 year sentence but its what you would call a split sentence 5 locked up 15 on probation, also every where i find myself people get angry with me for no apparent reason constantly..............i want to stand in the gap for street people,( gang members,drug addicts,prostitutes,homeless people,i done it all
City/State: Atlanta, GA, USA
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