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Spiritual warfare
Please pray for my neighbors- claim to be witches - stole $50,000 bonds from my apt - 5 yrs ago - nightly (+ days 2) use air compressors to fume my apt upstairs apt - I moved and so did they - thought God wanted me to continue praying for them and sharing Jesus through worship music and radio sermons,,, they only need my death certificate to cash bonds... believe they do have dark supernatural powers - when I leave apt can hear them conversing with me as if at home always - telling lies, mind torments about my family dieimg... now physically touching my body - started with fingers on my back and arms at night while I sleep on only an air mattress (fibromyalgia disability) and they’ve raised my back up on the mattress - sadly they have been tickling me in my privates the last couple of days - have had 2 pastors here praying- worked for 1/2 hour of peace - placed olive oil on my apt door frame - play Christian radio music w sermons ... their “leader” wants my entire family dead - I dated
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Danville, IL, USA
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