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spiritual emergency
I ask all of you to pray to Jesus Christ to allow me to have my life back. In other words, I ask you to pray so Jesus Christ can heal me like he did with Lazarus. I know that this is a hard prayer for all of you to do because I am still alive. I am currently possessed by the devil himself and I am using all of my strength to write to all of you to tell you of what I am going through during this dark days of mine. The devil wants to kill me and won't leave me alone and says that nobody can cast him away. I don't know how long I have to live but I ask you all to pray to Jesus Christ for the Lazarus miracle and for Him to have His door opened for me. I can feel the devil touching me at all hours of the day. I am all alone in this world and nobody to take care of me. I ask that you pray to Jesus Christ to open His Heart for me and to keep watch over my spirit to return back to my body. None of you understand what I am going through. All I know is that I am struggling to stay alive day by d
Name: george
City/State: La Mesa, CA, USA
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