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Son’s health
Please pray for my 66 year old son suffering from diabetes which got out of control, causing other problems..His heart and deep depression and anxiety issues. He is having a horrible time...I stay so stressed worrying about him. Pray that there are doctors who will help him. He is on medicare and went to one doctor after finally getting an appt and she did not take medicare advantage back to square seems as if one problem leads to a bigger problem have been fighting this for almost 2 years. I am just so tired. His dad died in January 2022 and I did the caretaking of him for 5-6 years. he was 96 and immediately this began with son. Life is not always fair. But I am grateful I can and am able to do this. I just would like for him to be well.. this is the most important issue in my life right now, but there is not a mountain of problems but a whole range...Praying god will in Jesus's name ban them into the sea and all will be good. Thank you for prayers.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: lafayette
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