Prayer Request

I'm just so scared right now. I think my roommate turned off the microwave because I am behind on my rent. Maybe I'm crazy in thinking this? I hope so and it's not real/true. I'm so scared. Trying hard but as an addict it's difficult. Have no family and no friends. Haven't been hugged in forever, has to be at least a year and possibly even more than that. I've been going to the same church and praying in the garden there since 1998. I even brought my girlfriend back in 1999 to show her that. I still go there and still have the same bible that the Gideon's gave me back in middle school. It's orange! All the other kids were throwing them in the river off the bridge but I kept mine. I would not disrespect God in that way.
Name: BJ
City/State: Damascus, MD, USA
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