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restoration and healing
So there's this guy im deeply in love with. He knows who God is but doesn't quit smoking , he tries to but its very hard for him. He's comfortable living in sin. He can't let go of the past. I hurt him really bad in high school and i told him how truly sorry i am for hurting him, but during arguments he would bring it up and put blame on me.whenever i would tell him he's hurting me and how i feel, he wouldn't care and sometimes be silent. He had broke up with me and im very sad that this had to happen. I just want prayers that God can help restore what was lost in our relationship. That he finds God and gets closer to him. To stop his addiction with smoking, of course that God can help heal me and his heart and one day to get back together but in a godly relationship. Please pray for me. Im in desperate need of prayer, i miss him so much . Pray for his heart to heal from things of the past, to let the past go and to help him move forward. Same for me. Thank you .
Name: lori
City/State: San Antonio, TX, USA
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