Prayer Request

Resisting the wrong man
Please know I am truly grateful for your help with all my heart I am born again now and feel so much love for my savior I pray in private most of the day and night for I am always alone i ration my food but try to eat in a proper sacred and simple manner I am a retired senior on a fixed income I need a little money for food I feel very protected by god and prefer my privacy I listen to bible stories online I want to b holy and pure and I want to love everyone but I get lonely sometimes I live in a lovely quiet senior apt but the area is dangerous I know some people do not walk in the word of god or his light so I pray for them but I'm lonely and struggle to eat I believe in natural methods that food is our medicine and God is my healer but a man who knows I need food and money always wants to give me beautiful gifts if I am sexual with him and I can't I can't put his lustful desires before my obedience to God but we went out for twenty years he used me I allowed it now I can't
Name: Virginia
City/State: Waterbury
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