Prayer Request

Relationship restoration
Dear God, thank you for always being here for me, ready to listen with love. I’m coming to you in pain because of the broken relationship between Laura and me. God, I miss Laura and hope we can heal our relationship. You know the problems that led to the break in our relationship, and you know how to solve them. Please help us both see our relationship from your perspective, so we can see the hope you offer for healing it. Open our hearts and minds to the possibilities that exist for a new and better relationship between us. I do ask for reconciliation to happen in our relationship. However, if Laura isn’t willing to work with me on mending our relationship, please give me the peace I need to move on. If Laura does decide to heal our relationship, please guide us to the best plan for healing together. Either way, I choose to forgive myself for the mistakes I made that contributed to the relationship breaking, and I choose to forgive Laura for her mistakes. I give my pain to you
Name: Chris
City/State: Carrizozo, NM, USA
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