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Recently divorced 33 year marriage at the same time my mom and dad pas
Please help me lord I'm tired Im lost I'm disabled everything is so expensive mydivorce he's living with the cheater that broke my marriage ( takes 2) he won't don't have to help me financially I go for days eating very little I need help signing up to see if I qualify foodstamps my parents passed within last 2 years I feel so alone My gas and electric most likely will be shut off I don't understand how they read my meter I wear sweatshirts with sweater etc keep heat on 66 my home we owned had it built heat was 70 I unplug any & everything I'm not using it's just me 365 bucks last month bill I'm getting behind on alot but I pay as much I can when I was on payment plan they charged 100 a month 47 on my bill remaining amount towards back bill How ? > apply for foodstamps they sent my card said it would be already loaded nothing on my new card I've never realized I want to know how do buy enough food to last the month I'm disabled and even prayed f or grocery divorced from 33 year marriag
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Goshen OH
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