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Rebound together
Scott & Rosita from honolulu Hawaii , my heart feel like a deep hole and I’m getting pressure in my head being depressed of broken relationship , me & Rosita talk about marriage , we went together to purchase our wedding rings , it’s been a year now only because we couldn’t find a house with 3 bd 2 bath 4 parking , that we could afford with our income , Rosita I believe lost hope , Rosita broke up with me , and there is so many memories on this island that we been together , I lost my appetite and getting hard time to focus on my job , I’m lost and very alone without Rosita in my life , I’m empty and lonely , no family or friends to be around , all my friends are married , I live alone in a condominium in a studio , I been praying and crying , please I believe if more then one people praying for a broken heart it’s much stronger in a prayer , please help , Scott love Rosita 💔💔😭😭🙏🙏thank you 808 295-2211 . . Please
Name: Scott
City/State: Honolulu, HI, USA
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