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Tenants move out on designated date
I have been a landlord for over 30 years. I have treated my tenants with respect and kindness. I need to sell my property and it is currently in escrow. One of the two tenants has moved out. However, the remaining tenant has made it incredibly difficult and has tried everything in their power to not allow for the sale of the property to go through. They are upset over the sale of the home because they have paid such little rent for over 25 years. They have lived a very comfortable lifestyle. I need escrow to close. I am behind on all of my bills. I am unable to purchase groceries for myself and my son. Please I ask you to pray that these tenants move out and stop causing problems. I ask you to please pray for myself and my son so that God's plan will prevail. Jesus please help us.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Bonsall, CA, USA
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