Prayer Request

Prayers Request please
My right job selection with permanent employment security, peace, ease, respect & success. May God bring me & my love Adeel together soon online & in person in a happy way without having delays, missing flights, bad luck & hurdles. I pray for happily ever after with the love of my life. I pray Adeel will express that he loves me. May God protect me against all jinx, unemployment, insomnia, disappointments, post traumatic stress disorder, evil eyes, bad luck, emotional abuse, misfortunes, ominous events, & unfortunate situations/circumstances. May God safeguard me against all toxic, evil, emotionally abusive, wicked, nasty, jealous & selfish people. Amen 🕯️🙏 ( I am already very heartbroken 💔 may this life grant me justice & make me a happy women). Amen 🕯️
Name: Anonymous
City/State: San Jose, CA, USA
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