Prayer Request

That my parents/grandparents are at peace/forgive me for when I haven't shown my gratefulness. That I obtain gainful employment pay my debts, my parents did, repair their house. That the man I love and I are able to work through our difficulties and emerge stronger in love together for eternity. That what health issues plague us we overcome and that we are healed from. That we may be dutiful and Faithful Servants unto God always. That God's will be done always. But God's mercy be upon us. That God May Grant our prayers and the affirmative as well as every other blessing that he has for us that we can't even imagine. That all the saints, apostles, Blessed Virgin, all the Heavenly Host intercede on our behalf with our heavenly father that we may be forgiven and our prayers answered in the formative. But above all that God's will be done
Name: Diana
City/State: Gresham, OR, USA
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