Prayer Request

Prayer request
Me and my kids left a toxic relationship we are in a confidential shelter I just got an amazing career and started going to church, I was recently baptized my daughter asked to be baptized to. I'm asking for prayers to look out for us and pray for God's guidance as we continue to look for a place to live when we all know housing is so hard to come by. I'm trying to go my relationship closer to God and help my children grow theirs as well. We listen to K Love all the time! Please also pray because I'm waiting for court papers to start the court paperwork for custody, and just been praying the judge sides that I get primary and the father gets weekend visits. Thank you for the prayers. I have been praying all the time now and I have definitely seen how God has been working in our life. Thank you all. 💜
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Bangor, ME, USA
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