Prayer Request

Prayer Request
Please pray for my health. I nearly died last July from an ailment called Wernicke Encephalopathy which is caused by a Thiamine deficiency. It causes headaches, vision issues, ringing in the ears, memory issues, weakness in the legs and arms, dizziness, balance issues, and numerous other health issues. Please ask God to heal me and help me to get out of the hospital and back home where I can spend time with my family and friends. Please pray for my dog, my dad, step-mom and her family, mom, cousins, nephews and nieces, son, daughter, granddaughter, sister and her family, aunt and uncle, half-brothers and their families, ex-wives and their families, distant relatives, family friends, folks I served in the military with and their families, staff and residents and visitors at the hospital I'm at, acquaintances, and enemies too. Please ask God to make sure that His Will is done in all our lives. Please pray that my mom won't sell the family property too.
Name: Miles
City/State: Friday Harbor, WA, USA
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