Prayer Request

prayer request
Hello, my name is Carlin Olyce and i am from the United States (Florida). the past 7 years i have been fighting a very heavy battle spiritually it feels like. From almost being imprisoned while being inncoent to being diagnosed with a mental illness. I dont really know how to explain it but there seems to be a spiritual oppression happening it feels like. Like theres something trying to stop me from growing in the name of Jesus. Its not something i can really explain but God has brought my attention to it. When i sit i feel something pulsating over me (A spirit). I go through changes with my physical appearance. My creativity is shaken some when it happens (im a musician), my mental clarity seems to change some too. Im a believer i believe in Jesus and i fight the fight but while sitting on my patio thinking i got the feeling that maybe i should reach out for prayer. Thank you for the prayers!
Name: Carlin
City/State: Winter Haven
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