Prayer Request

prayer request
Hello sweet Unity. I am reaching out to you for peace and comfort. I am looking for a deeper connection with God. I have been through emotional love from all your beautiful prayers. I am looking for love and peace, health and comfort, knowledge, direction, to have perfect flawless health and strength. I need to find an income. Also, a man to marry and oneness with my spiritual connection with thee. I need my mind to heal and give me comfort at all times and in all places. More importantly, that everything in my life and love to fall into place and give me comfort. To see all about my life is flawless and perfect. To see, would I move and where. Is my answers all in the Latter Day Saint belief? Or would I be happier and more clear to reach out to you. To get one and close with thee at all times and in all places. To see my most highest most clear potential. To get my full education and find my area of study. To reach my beacon in life and in love. Thank you for your supp
Name: Ananda
City/State: Tulare
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