Prayer Request

Prayer request
I am requesting that all of my pry requests be grt. And all my plans go very well always I eat hot fresh clean CD and bev. Live very very happily in he and other good places I wnt to live and live fore very blast no one his my son and I and we live for ugh blk ten very healthy gen. Safe and prof I r for an D we be very happy and love each other. I make wealth from my so now and all esp from me c stuff my son and I do not be forced to do things we do not want to and our food stay plan the US ECT and all he's for us with eggs and wealth now and fore and we floss and enjoy TV and all pass. For so my home own ship cast get SD all smart new goods for and always get marr. With multi m black MST love for me ect. All of my so credit I do it all max and keep it all and enjoy forever and always, fresh clean air for my son and I.Don ect. Rock mils and bills for sms ent sales and various and cash to trolls Silk and reoccurring I do banking ect.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Los Angeles, CA, USA
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