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Prayer of deliverance for husband
Please pray for the deliverance of my husband. The path he has been going on for the last three months his a very dangerous path and if not careful will eventually lead to his destruction. He used to be close to God, but has now turn his back from God. He is on multiple dating sites and lying about his identity. He is sleeping around. His friend is introducing him to different women and engaging him in a lifestyle that is against our marriage. His family does not care, they say he is doing what man does. He is traveling everywhere and spending the family money on women. He is shying away from his parental and marital responsibility. We have children together and I want to do right by God. Please pray that God will permanently remove every bad influence from his life. Everyone that wants to destroy my marriage God should chase them out of his life. God should speedy remove this guy friend who is introducing him to women and dating sites out of his life. God should restore our home and b
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Atlanta, GA, USA
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