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prayer needed
I have been beggin for 5 years now. Please pray for me, I want peace. God pray I am in need of help. The heavenly father put dead people in my life, because I'm a Christian and I go to Church. He wanted them to learn about him. I am not able to go on any further. I want peace and I want God to remove them. Please pray the Lord Jesus gives me peace and removes them from my life. I have been asking that the Lord give me peace and remove them, and bring peace to my life. Please pray that God ends the reap off and brings me peace to my life. He wanted me to talk about Jesus to people who have passed on; I am not able to, people who have died are angry over their lives; they are angry and they are evil. They stop me from working. The keep stopping me from making money, and making a living. They make me ill, I am not well, they make me lethargic if that is the correct term. Please pray I'm now sick and can barely walk. please pray the Lord Jesus removes the reap off. Please pray for peace
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Los Angeles
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Prayer request

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