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Prayer me and my family
Oh Lord I come to you and the Church and as I go throw these crisis and these troubled times oh God I ask you o heavly father that you see a way out of these devil acts that people put on use and what we put on our selfs...oh Lord you said that if any man or weapon shall not be formed against us that they shall not prosper.and I pray that dear God that you help me financially because if it's out of your hand i ask that you find a reasonable resolution to this problem I pray oh God that you find me transportation for me to exit this situation because I don't want to see or be around for what is yet to come for those who don't listen or take heed to your word ..thank you Lord because you also said that you would not leave us nor forsake us amen.
Name: Rodnwy Crisp
City/State: Morganton, NC, USA
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