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Prayer for everything
I pray for health and wellness over me and my entire family. i pray that the lawsuit that im currently going through gets settled and resolved where all my medical providers are paid in full and i still am able to have funds left to provide for my family.i pray for strength i pray to no longer suffer with anxiety or depression .i pray for a husband that will love me and my children. i pray to become a better mom and spend more time with my kids. i pray for better money management habits and all bills can get paid on time every month. i pray i'm not in a position anymore to beg or borrow and the lord blesses me where i will always have enough and more. I pray for the loneliness feeling to go away. I pray to be able to not to worry in trust in the lord.i pray for a closer bond with god.i pray for true friend and love to always be around me and my children .i pray for a better finanicial situation for me and my family.i pray my sister heals from her broken heart .
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Detroit, MI, USA
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