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Praise the lord I would like to life you my situations too god this morning I’m praying I get to go to Florida today. praying a ticket a a nice financial blessing to. also travel me sn for me to have really good time of I get to go today pray in v to to go. also praying god he shines down on my son this morning in a basketball tournament he’s playng theybthe first game Friday night.I’m praying to Gods he puts on a shoe this morning N he has big big game.N he scores 45 points an have an all round ab he puts in a show I meant they get the both games this morning an for his team to play real good g both games.praying god average like 35 points today both games. for then to win tomorrow to lead by him an they win championship tomorrow an he gets mvp. contact by phone thank u
Name: Don
City/State: Portland, ME, USA
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