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I need prayer it's been a crazy 2 yrs. I need God to step in and take over. I have surrendered it all to Him, plenty of times and stepped back from taking control. I lost my job due to not having vax in 2020, I took a hard hit financially and got into a deep depression and debt. I finally was able to get a job, it doesn't pay much, but it pays. Well, I accumulated $55k, IRS came back charging me $30k for 2019- I didn't do anything wrong (lost docs) refinanced my house in high interest including the debt, because I couldn't pay monthly payments and didn't want to fall behind. Right after that my car messed up, I had to buy a new engine it was $7k, and now appliance is not functioning correctly, and my house is acting up. I'm really trying to keep a positive attitude and praise God and thank Him. I just extremely tired, you don't even understand how bad. Everyone is getting blessed and I'm getting slaughtered. What am I doing wrong? God, I give it all to you. Don't leave me.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Houston
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