Prayer Request

I am requesting not to ever be raped and I for my son not to ever be raped and t have lb chops lanb lamb burger ect and to I am requesting home ownership same day stuff. Donations from mills and bills and chuc ect mills and bills of usd from fans and reoccurring always and forever and from wk and now and forever and alwats abdbe lg pp gen hpips gms ect.I am requesting happiness now and forever and my pp card loaded with wrk ,., cedit cards safety and protection excellent credit and my son and I stay free my ene dt and no harm to my son and I.Happiness for us now and forever and always and the goods foreve adn just. and tight vag, and good health now and forever and always for my son and rape for us ever! fame for and lways I Bea B Q and bl for and my sknon ligt.and haor don and cast and jacuzzi las and cav. anall my fd and bv. coffee fs stimi all I apply fo r fill-oins ect,.phone no transfer install and connection all lev.I am requesting prayer to recieve all of my benefits and
Name: Anonymous
City/State: West Hollywood, CA, USA
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