Prayer Request

I am requesting prayer to recieve , earn thousands of usd dollars daily and do and keep all of my work and do cashouts to all and large ones and keep all and enjpy and to wealth now and forever and my son also! T never get raped, do thouysands oif instants daily and app k and all installatyion and with pay and own a castles noew and home ownership and eat fresh clean Papa Johns pizza and vegan and get anpther trader joes bag and food and beverages always and all of the food and goods and Ms. Hw America Univ. ect.! My son and I live forever and be safe and clean rich and the happest very very happy and have justice, ygness , love and peace forever! My son and I stay free forever andnd always, I go to my hot, and do my plans ect, all my req be grtd.
Name: anonymou
City/State: Hollywood
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