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Please pray for me
Hi everyone. I'm finally having the courage to leave a DV marriage. currently battling depression and he has my kids. Please assist me in praying for guidance strength and for the safety of myself and my children. i know they are in good hands but i am not with them which destroys me. he was all i knew and of course made me become a stay at home wife with no outside or social communication. everything with him was my first and now that i must finally be on my own i am terrified. I know God wont give me more than i can handle and knowing he is with me helps me sooooo much. Please pray for me. pray that i get through this. help me pray to be permanently reunited with my boys. this is my first time doing this and im sorry if i worded it weird. i do believe in the power of prayer and i just please please please ask to help me pray to get through this.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Chicago
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Rev 2:7 to overcome with healing.

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