Prayer Request

Please Pray for healing of my kidneys and my ureter from kidneys
So, on my right kidney, it is enlarged and has some cysts in it that have grown. And, that there is a narrowing of the ureter that carries the urine to the bladder. Please pray to have that healed and enlarged so that the urine can drain easily from my kidneys down into my bladder and everything will be back to normal. Pray for normal functioning of my kidneys and ureter to my bladder. Please, please, pray that TODAY they will be able to take care of my issues with my right kidney and that I will NOT or EVER need surgery. That they can take care of my issues with my kidney that will be easy to take care of and I will not ever need to have surgery. So, that, all of my problems and issues with my kidney, like I say, will be resolved today. I am so very stressed over this. They have detected blood in my urine and I have been having pain where the kidney is. I am losing weight, not able to sleep, as I am so very stressed over this. I can eat, sleep or, think of anything else but this.
Name: Jeff
City/State: Tucson
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