Prayer Request

Please pray my neighbors move. Both our lease renewals are coming up. These people have made my life and my child's miserable. Their son bullied my son, spread lies about him, tried to steal from me. I was kind to this child and babysat him free for years. His parent got mad when I said I couldn't do it anymore and a smear campaign began. I fell into a dark depression over this for a year because I felt so used. I don't even like going home because I constantly see the parent or kid. My son has no chance of meeting new kids at the apartment because everytime a new child moves in the bully tells the child lies about my son. I have mentioned this to the parent and they didn't even care and thought it was funny. I have prayed and prayed for God to deliver us from these people. I can't afford to move. I tried and was unable too. Please pray God will bless these people to move.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: united states
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