Prayer Request

Need prayer for health and finances
Hello my name is Ray and I need prayer for a long life ahead and to be healed of diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, impotence, and premature ejaculation. I feel so scared and I'm worrying about dying because I do not want to die I want a long long life ahead with Jesus favor. Please pray thar Jesus heals me totally and pray that I am granted favor where this 18 wheeler hit my car and damaged it and injured me today. I need favor with this because the driver of the 18 wheeler said he didn't see me and he just ran into me and hit my car. And I need favor for this because the man just hit me and damaged my vehicle. I'm injures and I'm hurting from the accident. But please pray that Jesus favor is over me in this accident. In the name of Jesus, I, Ray Phillips prat! Amen and Amen
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Dallas
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