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Need complete and whole healing, stop demonic attacks, need finances
Greetings and God bless all! My name is Johnita of San Francisco, CA and I come to you, in faith, with several urgent prayer requests. First of all, I need whole and rapid healing for my gastrointestinal system-bloating, almost impossible to poop, and last night and all night abnormal cramping. Also, I need complete healing for both breasts, which have been aching and tender for two weeks now. This is not normal. I ask for healing of all possible tumors, cysts, and malignancy, in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus. Also, I have people at the shelter where I stay who are obsessed with me, slandering me, and just will not leave me in peace. Some of the people are trying to prevent me from returning home, and this is in no way, their concern. I do not have the finances that I need for basic essentials, including a transportation and food allowance. I need a true miracle from Heaven above. Amen and Amen! I
Name: Johnita
City/State: San Francisco, CA
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