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My Job
I AM PRAYING FOR A SUPER MIRACLE! ***MY PRAYER*** I am asking the Lord to help me! To continue helping me overcome and deliver me from my fear and anxiety concerning my job! To help me to respect my enemies and be as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove! I'm tired of being scared and anxious! May the Lord continue to be my shield and my protection! May the Lord continue to have a live Angel come to my protection against any spirits working against me! I want to be blessed with new employment and financial increase to our household in YASHUA mighty name in a way that does hurt me professionally! I DON'T WANT TO GO IN ON MONDAY! MAY THE ORGANIZATION! THERE IS SOMETHING FISHY GOING ON! I MAY STEP OUT OF THIS JOB TO ANOTHER JOB UNTOUCHED! Continue to keep my entire household safe, serving you, and working on one accord as a family and not separately! I ask all this and many more, Amen!
Name: Amiri
City/State: Chicago, IL, USA
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