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ok and thank you so much for taking the time to read my words.two years ago my husband was hit on his motorcycle by a women who ran a stop sign she hit him so hard he fell into coma and we were told to start making arrangments because he probably wouldnt make it.Ive been with David for almost 30 years and when they said those words to me myu heart stopped beating i knew the horrific paini was about to feel. when they called me them being the drs and asked me if i would turn david off of life support i told them 7 days was not long enough for his brain to try and heal i wasnt having it and i said absolutely not .so in the mean time i had done some research and learned that people in coma can hear whats going on around them so myself and my daughter would call him everyday five times a day and had them put the phone up to his ear and i would beg him to please wake up well the drs pulled the plug on him anywaysand thank god he took a breath but now he suffers so bad with headaches and
Name: Tammy
City/State: longview
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