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My computer was hacked
Hi-I had a very strange thing happened this morning, and I am thinking that my computer was hacked. There was a great deal of information on it that these evil people could have seen. I just ask that you stand in agreement with me that no weapon formed against us shall prosper- I’m doing my due diligence as far as making sure that the computer is wiped and my account is frozen, etc. and along those lines, I was let go from my position along side, 100 or so other people a couple months ago, and now have a commission based position. I have been applying for other jobs as well, but have not heard back from them. I am very concerned that with a commission base job, we would not be able to make enough money this month or next month for our mortgage and things like that. All of these things are happening at the same time and it’s very stressful. More than for myself, for my children and my husband, I want to ensure that everything is OK.
Name: Erin
City/State: Mount Dora, FL, USA
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