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My Children
After divorce children were upset and said I should have been Stronger than having a Mental Breakdown. Had apparently said and done things I have no memory of. My son even called police on me. They refused. One of the officers was my friend. Then years later we mall life up. 2 Sons 1 Daughter. Was invited to holidays and everything. Then Thanksgiving 2021 I had invited my boyfriend. We both live in an Assistive Living Facility. Anyway I thought it went great. I did however Smoke outside while I was there. I have CHF. After that Thanksgiving things changed. Just found out week ago I have another grandchild on FB. I’ve tried texting them to find out what I’ve done. I’ve apologized for WHATEVER I’ve done. Pleaded. Cried. Finally I told them I’m done. That if they want to reach out they know how. My son Cody has control money comes once month to deliver rent doesn’t even speak 2 me. told him transfer money here he said No I said why I think because he still cares. hope that’s reason
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Evansville, IN, USA
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