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Mother of my children/my ex fiancée
I eagerly ask for as many God fearing Christian’s to help me with the power of prayer so God can guide, protect and transform the mother of my children. I am more worried where her path is goin more then ever. Leaving her is the hardest thing I felt I had to do but she is living a life that is not right and makes it impossible to give our kids the family they deserve. She has struggled with alcohol and drugs most her life. Still at almost 30 she drinks every night and takes adderall almost everyday. My heart is broken cus I’ve done so much to get her to choose a better way of living but I am not strong enough to change that for her. I know God is though and I know she wants to get rid of these strongholds just not all the time. I know my babies deserve to have the best version of their mom they can get and im worried she could die from this. Im worried sick about her depression, alcoholism, sexual intolerance with many men, im worrried where this road may take her. Please help.
Name: Justin
City/State: Salem Alabama
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