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Dear Jehovah: Thank You for all you've given to us.I pray for world peace between All nations. I ask for divine health &healing (physically &mentally) for myself Twana, husband Greg, mother Yvonne, son Malik, grandchildren Trinity&Alonna,fam. I pray God's Miracles, Signs, &Wonders to rain down over my life &all attached to me. I pray for abundant love, discernment, peace,joy,grace,mercy,favor,angelic protection,longlife,happiness,restoration, prosperity to rain down over my life and anyone attached to me,including family. I pray for abundant love, discernment, peace, joy, grace, mercy, favor, angelic protection, long life, independence, happiness, restoration, prosperity, miracles, signs & wonders, protection from generational curses, protect us from all evil,for myself& fam.I pray especially for my son, Malik,that he remains sober and restored, and receives the help he needs thrive in life and in Jesus Christ.Thank You Father for answered prayers. I/We love You. In Jesus Name.Amen.
Name: Twana
City/State: Mesa
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