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Miracle I. Financez
Please pray for my grandsons lane and Landon just turned 18 years old the world is a mess please pray for them to be safe also pray for my family my sons Chris and Kevin my grandchildren lane Landon Logan Julianna Austyn Jena Ella and my daughter in laws Kelly and Lorie they have been thru a lot pray for their finances and pray for my finances my husband was murdered in front of my son Kevin and his wife Kelly we have been thru slot my daddy passed away 3 months later my husband was murdered I took care of my mother for 19 years she had cancer I took care of her until she passed away but I took care of her my brother and sister didn’t now they have nothing to do with me and it hurts really bad I lost daughter husband mama and daddy I am lonely I have 3 wonderful sons and 7 grandkids but I am lonely for a companion also I got in debt $20000 I. Credit card debt my mother got $1000 a month Ss and she needed things and she had cancer I would do it again I loved my mother please pray for me
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Dirham
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