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Lost Faith in God
I may suffer from a type of Aphantasia. I did not always. Jealous sibling, caused me turmoil. I want what was allowed by God stolen from me, and what I missed out on in financial Gain. I did not want to sell many things and I want it back. Deut 1:11 I want everything back 1000 fold return to me. I KNOW Black Magic was used. It was used aggainst me in many ways. I could not even raise my kids. I am going to do that, and be world famous making money, which I was prevented to do so. I will have my life done my way. I DON'T CARE ABOUT MY TESTIMONY. My testimony is what I want it to be. AND IT WILL BE THAT WAY. God had me get hurt. I WILL HURT HIM. You do not mess with me. The Hell with my salvation. MY SALVATION WILL BE DONE AS IT IS WRITTEN: " "Work out your own salvation", with fear and trembling." So... MIND YOUR BUSINESS. F### You Jesus for hurting me. MY LIFE, MY WAY. So there.
Name: Jack
City/State: Boston, MA
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